Incredible Entrepreneurial Behaviour Of Dairy Farmers Ideas

Incredible Entrepreneurial Behaviour Of Dairy Farmers Ideas. The study indicates that dairy farmers had medium entrepreneurial bahaviour levels. Farm size is mainly explained by farmers’ instrumental goals.

Impact of KVK Training on Dairy Farmers Brillion Publishing
Impact of KVK Training on Dairy Farmers Brillion Publishing from

Since the entrepreneurial behaviour is constituted of different components. V.6 n.5 october 2016 3 3 family size small (up to 4 members) 34 28.30 medium (5 to 8 members) 76 63.30 The data was collected by personal interview with the help of structured interview schedule.

Hence, The Entrepreneurial Behaviour Scale Was Found To Be Standardized.

A study was conducted in aurangabad and jalna district of marathwada region of maharashtra to know the level of entrepreneurial behaviour of dairy farmers. Entrepreneurial behaviour of dairy farmers journal of animal research: 2014) examined the entrepreneurship behavior of dairy farmers in selected 10 villages from amravati and bhatkuli tahsil of amravati district of maharashtra.

The Study Indicates That Dairy Farmers Had Medium Entrepreneurial Bahaviour Levels.

2543 planning ability moderate planning ability was noticed among 58.00 per cent of the women dairy farmers, whereas 23.33 per cent and 18.67 per cent had good and poor planning ability respectively. This study aims to analyze the factors that influence dairy farmers' entrepreneurial behavior and the influence of farmers' entrepreneurial behavior on the performance of dairy businesses in boyolali regency, central java, indonesia. The nine components of behaviour were undertaken to evaluate the status of entrepreneurial behaviour such as, innovativeness, achievement.

The Findings Are In Line With The Findings Of Raina Et Al.

The majority 65.5 per cent respondents had medium level of entrepreneurial behaviour about dairy management practices. The major findings of this study that, majority (67.50 percent) farmers medium farming experience, banana growers were educated to higher secondary school level (32.50 percent), family size of the. A sample of 51 women dairy farmers were selected from each panchayat so as to include 17 women each with one, two and more than two cow were collected through the personal interview method with a structured pretested interview schedule.entrepreneurial behaviour (eb) was measured by developing an index known as the entrepreneurial.

Factor Analysis Was Used To Find Out The Dimensions Influencing The Entrepreneurial Behavior.

This means that farm size is not relevant for fulfilling intrinsic, expressive and social goals. Table.1 entrepreneurial behaviour of dairy farmers (n=120) category frequency per cent low 20 16.66 medium 78 65.00 high 22 18.33 table.2 distribution of dairy farmers based on components of entrepreneurial behaviour of dairy farmers (n=120) component frequency per cent mean sd innovativeness low 45 37.50 3.21 1.10 Components of entrepreneurial behaviour of dairy farmers nine components of entrepreneurial behaviour of the farmers were measured and the result is presented in table 2 as fallows.

The Findings Revealed That Achievement Motivation (0.782), Self Confidence (0.782), Management Orientation (0.744), Leadership Ability (0.559) And.

A sample of 120 dairy farmers was selected for the study. Entrepreneurial behaviour of dairy farm women in dindigul. A study was conducted during 2007 in up state to determine the components of entrepreneurial behavior of dairy farmers.

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