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The way an online learning environment is designed is largely affected by the teachers philosophy of learning and understanding of educational learning theories. The strategy of online collaborative learning moves collaborative learning from face-to-face to online.

The Role Of Communities Of Practice In A Digital Age Online Learning Learning Theory Instructional Resources

The Community of Inquiry CoI model provides a useful framework or theory for conceptualizing how learning occurs among an online community of teachers and students.

Online learning theory. Mention will also be made of several other learning theories that are relevant to online education. 22 Learning Theories Online learning has the potential to bring students together and engage them collaboratively in purposeful and meaningful discourse through the creation of sustainable communities of learners Garrison 2009 p. In the Anderson 2008 selection you will read about the attributes of online instruction the role of interaction and a potential theory and model for online learning.

E-learning theory consists of cognitive science principles that describe how electronic educational technology can be used and designed to promote effective learning. The model attempts to integrate the work of several other major theorists and. Online learning context that allow us to develop deeper and more useful theories of online learning Wilson 1997 has described three functions of a good educational theory.

It is argued that online learner participation 1 is a complex process of taking part and maintaining relations with others 2 is supported by physical and psychological tools 3 is not synonymous with talking or writing and 4 is supported by all kinds of engaging activities. As educators it is important we reflect upon the nature of how people learn and consciously utilize educational theory as the foundation to construct meaningful learning experiences in our online classrooms. First it helps us to envision new worlds.

Online Teaching and Learning Theory. Fahy Part 1 Role and Function of Theory in Online Education Development. Online learning is performed in a sequence of consecutive rounds where at each round the learner is given a question and is required to provide an answer to this question.

This article examines theoretical frameworks and models that focus on the pedagogical aspects of online education. Online collaborative learning theory or OCL is a form of constructivist teaching that takes the form of instructor-led group learning online. In OCL students are encouraged to collaboratively solve problems through discourse instead of memorizing correct answers.

After a review of learning theory as applied to online education a proposal for an integrated Multimodal Model for Online Education is provided based on pedagogical purpose. Amid the concurrent development of both constructivist learning approaches and the Internet online collaborative learning theory OCL was developed by Harasim 2012 from foundations in computer-mediated communication and networked learning Bates 2015. Social Presence Social Presence Theory has been around since the 1970s and is a very important concept for instructional design of online courses.

In a nutshell social presence describes how well-connected the students feel to the instructor and each other. In this paper an initial theory of online learning as online participation is suggested. Approach to Online Learning 61 Fathi Elloumi 4 Developing an Infrastructure for Online Learning 97 Alan Davis 5Technologies of Online Learning e-Learning 115 Rory McGreal Michael Elliott 6 Media Characteristics and Online Learning Technology 137 Patrick J.

Community of Inquiry Framework. After predicting an answer the correct answer is revealed and the learner suffers a loss if there is a discrepancy. Newby readings as well as those theories specific to the field of distance learning Simonson et al reading.

Learning theories such as connectivism are about making connections which the internet excels at. Few of us need help envisioning new worlds in the midst of the hype and exuberance of online learning proponents that flood the popular. Online learning can provide many forms of assessment by both the instructor and peers.

For learning environments to be effective they must be assessment centred. Theory Algorithms and Applications. Online Collaborative Learning OCL is proposed here as a new theory of learning that focuses on collaborative learning knowledge building and Internet use as a means to reshape formal nonformal and informal education for the Knowledge Age.

Developmentsoftheoryandpracticeofonlinelearning ATTRIBUTESOFLEARNINGAsmanytheoristshavearguedHerringtonOliver1999andpractitionershaveexperiencedforthemselves onlinelearningisbutasubsetoflearningingeneralthuswecanexpectissuesrelevanttohowadultslearn. Three of the more popular learning theoriesbehaviorism cognitivism and social constructivismwill be highlighted to form the foundation for further discussion.

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