Insurance Is Bullshit

Myth 4 Insurance Companies Are Great Investors. Insurance companies are overcharging a high percentage of home owners by double or more by refusing to provide market value insurance.

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Insurance is bullshit. I no longer have health insurance. I also have a lot of medical. A large percentage of homes built 100 years ago in urban or high density suburban areas sell for a fourth or less of replacement cost.

US Health Insurance system is such bullshit. Right now Im feeling like its bullshit because I pay 200month to insure my two cars for me and my wife. If you want to buy insurance more power to you but even having dealt with a variety of insurance plans and programs through the years Ive never seen one this hard to use before.

Some agents believe that insurance companies can somehow get investment returns that you or I cannot find elsewhere and pass those great returns on to their policy owners. By Wendy Wisner September 10 2018. This past summer our family switched health insurance plans due to my husbands job change.

SeventyFour Getty Images. Insurance companies issue claim checks in both your name and in the mortgage companys name. I have a job now where I get Amazing health insurance.

As the Obama administration works to meet its new down-scaled target of enrolling 99 million Americans in health insurance for next year it faces a. It can be illuminating to look under the hood and see what is really in the portfolio of an insurance company. The insurance companys ultimate goal is to pay out nothing or as little as possible on every claim that is to deny and devalue claims.

This feature enables your lender to ensure that these funds are used to make necessary repairs. The regulation of insurance companies and the industry as a whole is perfectly done in some parts of the world. A good 75 of that cost is mine solely because I have a penis and probably 15 of it is because I.

Insurance companies understand this fear and offer a variety of insurance policies designed to protect us from a host of calamities that range from disability to disease to everything in between. His new job was offering insurance too and we just had to pick plans and move things over. AM I THE ONLY ONE AROUND HERE THAT THINKS ITS STUPID THAT I HAVE TO PAY HIGHER CAR INSURANCE BECAUSE IM UNDER 25.

And Ive certainly never encountered one where that claims they can hold you to terms and conditions that they never clearly provide. The insurance adjuster for the other side however is not there to help you. But the opposite is the case in most parts of the world giving insurance companies the unchecked freedom to impose ridiculous rates on policyholders and take every action to deny them of their money when they file claims.

I dont smokedrink or eat crap. They solely exist to protect and promote the interests of their employer the insurance company. Load Game New Game.

Insurance is bullshit until the day you need it. Whats worse 19 percent to 25 percent of us overpay for insurance by purchasing coverage with zero or low deductibles according to a recent study Why Do People Buy Too Much Insurance. The Way We Do Health Insurance In America Is Bullsht.

I pay to go to the dentist twice a year 350 total the penalty for not having insurance is much cheaper than the insurance but its still bullshit. There are ways to escape the bullshit but first you have to. Making health insurance compulsory basically allowing Insurance companies to loot the public as much as possible.

Most homeowners hear the word insurance and assume that their spouse or kids will receive some sort of monetary compensation if they die which is not true. I hit my out of pocket max of 1350 two weeks into this year so all of my healthcare costs have been covered 100. Person B works for an insurance company for 30 years putting aside money every week in order to someday retire to South America.

The banks forgo this and wait to do the underwriting at. D random W upvote S downvote A back. It is NOT a LOCK nor is it INSURANCE it is a periodic monitoring service that offers you no assistance whatsoever if someone uses forgery to try to steal your title.

I have saved over 56000 in the last 7 years. Car insurance is bullshit. Summarized in a sentence.

In most counties you can. Compulsory health insurance is the reason why medical costs are getting more and more high doctors and hospitals are charging high fees without any reasoning just because there is Insurance company to pay the money. It cost money to do underwriting to do the blood work contact your doctor and to do a review to see if you qualify for the insurance.

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